Episode 16 – Bringing Theory Beyond the Academy: Strange Matters Magazine



The editors of Strange Matters Magazine want your reading experience to feel like meeting a grad student friend for coffee. Meaning: they explain the most exciting parts of their research, give you all the hot gossip in their field, skip the jargon and elitism, and still deliver the information in a rigorous manner. Strange Matters is thoughtful yet playful, broad in scope yet deep in its analysis. They publish articles in a variety of genres and from a variety of viewpoints, all committed to their mission of “a new culture of open-minded inquiry on the Left.”

I first came across Strange Matters back in 2022, when they launched their successful crowdfunding campaign for Issue 1. Their editorial, “Words for our Present Reality,” spoke to the disillusionment I felt as a leftist in the face of the pandemic, climate change, reactionary politics, economic crisis, etc. The piece also pointed the way forward in what I think is a really promising direction. Strange Matters is an exciting project, and a great example of a successful Left media project. In this episode I chat with two Strange Matters editors, Kyle and Frances, to discuss the magazine, the process of developing it, and what makes the project so exciting.


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