About the Show:

Solarpunk Now! is a podcast at the intersection of art, science, and politics. ​An alternative to the pessimistic futurism of cyberpunk or other dystopias, solarpunk is a vision of a brighter tomorrow.  Solarpunk is an art movement in its narrow sense, but one that blossoms into a radical politics of social and environmental change.

We can’t solve ecological problems while ignoring social ones, or vice versa. Solarpunk as a movement recognizes this, taking a holistic approach to imagining, and building, a better world. There are things we can do now to build resilience in the face of what’s inevitable, and to lessen some of the destruction that isn’t inevitable. Solarpunk Now! is about radical ideas, projects and theories working to make the future kinder, healthier, and more sustainable.

Solarpunk is a utopia, but elements of it may not be as out of reach as we think. Though many of us may feel like giving up on a better world, I hope this podcast will be a ray of sunlight. Let’s demand a brighter future together!


Interview with Solarpunk Magazine on March 10, 2022