Episode 15 – From Capitalist Realism to a Solarpunk Reality


To kick off the New Year and a new season of Solarpunk Now, I’m bringing you a conversation with some other creators in the solarpunk space.

In June last year, I presented a panel at the Solarpunk Conference alongside Andre of HydroponicTrash, Ariel of the Solarpunk Presents Podcast, and Joey of The Fire These Times podcast. Our panel, From Capitalist Realism to a Solarpunk Reality, discussed the thought and action necessary to bring solarpunk to life. We got together after the conference to expand on these ideas and find connections between our related, but distinct areas of research.

This conversation originally aired on The Fire These Times in December, but it gets to live on my feed too, because Joey is awesome like that. Andre, Ariel, and Joey all have their own projects, so if you’d like to hear more from them, check out the links below!


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