Episode 8 – It’s Not a Revolution if We Can’t Dance!


We need to change our very understanding of nature. Or more specifically, our relationship with nature. We need to see it not as something to exploit, or restrain ourselves from exploiting, but rather as a continuation of ourselves. We desire a world where our choices don’t feel like choosing the lesser of environmental evils–where we can fully enjoy our lives without destroying a river or a rainforest in the process.

This is the second part of my conversation with Chaia Heller, author of The Ecology of Everyday Life, as well as lifelong activist and teacher. In this episode we bring her theory of the five aspects of social desire to life, showing how this theory unfolds into practice: direct actions, illustrative opposition, building alternative political structures, and beyond! The theories of social ecology and social desire provide a rational basis for solarpunk projects of all kinds.


The Institute for Social Ecology

Chaia Heller- The Ecology of Everyday Life: Rethinking the Desire for Nature

Murray Bookchin- The Third Revolution: Popular Movements in the Revolutionary Era

The Symbiosis organization

Emma Goldman- Living my Life

Audre Lorde- The Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power

Learn more about Rojava

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