Episode 1 – Why Solarpunk?


Why do certain futurist aesthetics appeal over others? What does art have to say about our political goals, or about the psychological landscape of our world today? Art can be speculative: posing questions and potential answers about how things could be, or should be, in the future. In this inaugurative episode of Solarpunk Now, I show how art and politics intertwine, and make the case for solarpunk as a speculative political project.

Louis Snyder on the Brothers Grimm and German nationalism
Andrew Dana Hudson – On the Political Dimensions of Solarpunk
A Solarpunk Manifesto
Teen Vogue talks Eco-fascism w/ Naomi Klein

Further Reading:
Elvia Wilk – Is Ornamenting Solar Panels a Crime?
Neal Stephenson – Innovation Starvation
David Graeber – On Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit
Appropedia entry on solarpunk

Solarpunk Now! is written, hosted, and produced by Luka Dowell. The solarpunk theme is by Red Keener. Additional music by Gabriel Rivas.

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4 Comments on "Episode 1 – Why Solarpunk?"

  1. Hi Luka,

    I just finished the first episode and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for your efforts in the podcast! I’m looking forward to hearing more 🙂



  2. I’m really quite enjoying this podcast and episode one in particular was incredibly useful in helping me organize my thoughts on what solar punk is and more importantly what it could be.

    Currently I am working on putting together a Solar Punk Cohousing project proposal and I think some of the language of this episode might be helpful in concisely describing what Solar Punk is to the unknowing. If possible can you email me a transcript of episode one? I would be delighted to share my final product to you (for your approval) before I share it publicly and naturally I will include proper credit.


    1. Hi Ondrew, I’m happy to help! I’ll send you an email. Thanks for reaching out, and glad to hear you’re enjoying the show!


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